The Exclusive Interview with Mr. Sam Meri founder of Meri fashion World


A new player has turned heads since its launch less than 3 months ago with being among the best and fastest growing 10% in its category, especially with its unique approach, selections and strategies, challenging the Status Quo raising the bar and building for a never before reached heights: 
Meri Fashion World the Unique and Distinguished world of Fashion, Luxury, Lifestyle, Extravagance and Glamour

Today, and to answer many of your questions, we went straight to the source, the maestro behind it all, Mr. Meri himself and asked him about the endeavor, its source, birth, past, prospection and future and here’s how it went.

Mr. Meri, it’s a pleasure for us to be here at your offices, we’d like to know more about Meri Fashion World;
There was a bit of ambiguity and controversy about its nature when it started, so

What is Meri Fashion World?
Meri Fashion World is not just a shop, it’s the future, it’s a full-fledged platform for luxury, talent, fashion, lifestyle and exposure, connecting people everywhere in the world to a world of style, glamour and extravagance they could only dream of, allowing them to acquire their dream style, the creation of their dream designer and have it delivered to their doorsteps anywhere in the world, especially that they are able to find their favorite designers of an international renown, their news, trends, collections, selections, creations and the ability to acquire them on a single platform.

What does Meri Fashion World offer to its Clientèle?
Meri Fashion World is not your usual fashion store, nor your usual online shop, you will not find random collections of products.
At Meri Fashion World, you will find a Special Selection of Fashion, Accessories and Glamour Items, along with Designer Prêt-A-Porter (Ready to Wear) collections, delivered straight to your doorsteps with a double guarantee of quality and delivery, along with payments verified and secured by an Amazon company (Payfort).

What does Meri Fashion World offer to designers?
We are set to collaborate with Select Designers, many of whom are among the best and most reputable in the world, we offer them ease to connect with their clientèle internationally with a secure and guaranteed solution, logistics and administrative support along with many supporting management, business development & strategic services through our managing firm Pro-Ject Consultants.

Tell us more about it, What’s its Source? How was it born?
Its source… it’s a story of love, passion, desire, a dream, a wish and a promise.
The love of fashion, style, luxury, glamour and extravagance
The burning desire to acquire it
Driven by passion we thrive to reach it and even create it if necessary
From the dream a little girl confessed to a little boy, that one day she will be a renowned designer
And she wished wholeheartedly to dress the whole world.
Her heartfelt wish was followed by an untold promise of the boy to help her reach it.
Now, years later, the boy has grown up acquiring the knowledge and skills and may be one step closer to helping dress the whole world in style and luxury.
From that very untold promise “Meri Fashion World” was born.

What’s its prospection and mission?
Meri Fashion World has a huge prospection in the world of fashion, style & lifestyle, ranging from offering accessibility to a dream style, to creating new trends and leading the way in fashion, style and lifestyle, especially with its highly specialized team and our collaboration with renowned and International fashion designers, with whom we share the vision of cross barrier haute couture and luxury, which made our mission to become the major designer and glamour online retailer in the world.

How would you describe it in 3 words?
In 3 words…  a “Promise of Beauty”... 

a “Promise of Life”

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