Classy ladies : Your beard is a sign of insecurity and lack of confidence... Man Up

Successful and Classy Women perceive A beard as a sign of insecurity and lack of confidence and a sign of imminent failure.

A study conducted on a pool of successful women and classy ladies revealed the shocking truth, bearded men are perceived to be insecure of their natural traits, lacking of confidence, hiding behind a beard which is nothing more than a mask substitute, and too lazy to groom themselves properly, and they are more susceptible to violence and aggressive behavior, as their sometimes attractive recklessness is not of courage but as a mean of compensation for their feeling of inferiority.

“A man whom can’t tend to his own grooming is not success material” says one of them, a claim that seems to be proven or at least validated by the fact that most of the 21st century successes are clean shaven men, whether is sports (Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo), in business (Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Besos ), investments and entrepreneurship (Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates) and the list goes on to most walks of life.

So men, take that mask off, shave the goatee beard, take that balbo out, they know by now, if you need a beard to feel manly… MAN UP


Mr Awesome

As a guy rocking an everyday suit and a clean shave, I’ve come to the same conclusion.
Same thing with tattoos.
Looking like you just crawled out from under your bridge doesn’t make you look badass or masculine……it makes you look uncivilized and a slob.

John Rosado

Absolutely right!!!

John Rosado

You’re absolutely right….men with beards are very insecure!!! They need all of that pubic hair on their faces to feel masculine!! Damn shame!!

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